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Ly,  Maç, Chal, Dij, Chatill – the tour went „ON“

Ly, Maç, Chal, Dij, Chatill – the tour went „ON“

Unfortunately I have to cut a long story short, because we’re about to leave now, Jérémie just wants to take a last shower, I already had mine, hehe. I don’t know for sure how far […]

Aug, 22
les cataphiles.

les cataphiles.

wow. where have we been? down in the catacombes of paris? i still cannot believe. first, we went out to have another shisha and afterwards the „hittchicker’s guide to the galaxy“. uff, senseless but lovely. […]

Aug, 20
Paris. Paris? Paris!

Paris. Paris? Paris!

Aug, 19


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