Until the beginning of May 2005, I didn’t know what to do after graduation. I had some ideas to travel around and so something, but there were no concrete plans. But then there was the Metropolis Youth Congress and Alex and I met a lot of young people all around the world and especially Europe.
For me, the situation was even more special because of Mireia from Barcelona.

And suddenly the plan was born: A bike tour across Europe, starting in Barcelona, with the chance of meeting again some of the participants and a huge amount of experience.

In the next few weeks the idea got more and more concrete and finally, now I’m four days before my flight to Barcelona. Alex will come three weeks later after his sister will have married. In this phase, everything turns upside down all the time and here’s enough struggle to cope with, but I’m sure, I will arrive here in the beginning of September totally healthy.

Now it’s your turn to chase the developement ongoing here and to tell us your opinion about everything.

ein elektronisches experiment. spätfolgen für's nervensystem nicht ausgeschlossen!

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