This article was written on 02 Aug 2005, and is filled under Fahrradtourberichte aus..., Montpellier.

Vive la France!


(At first I have to say that I’m not used to the french layout of the keyboard, so it’s hard to find the right keys, perhaps I’ll try the english one – thqt would be qt least half blind.)

The story goes on in Figueres. We were really afraid of the route over the french border because of the Pyrenaies…

But then… Surprisingly it was easier than going from Blanes to Girona. So I was laughing all the time while cycling directly to France. Finally we were there. Spain behind us. No chance for a return from that moment on. We even made it near to Perpignon on that faithful Friday.

We spent the Saturday in Perpignon in a public park, where we met some young french people.
Now speaking french, uff.
Sometimes it was very fast, but we didn’t just talk about the weather 😉

Later we also saw a spanish guy who travelled from the atlantic coast to the mediterranean coast – by bicycle of course. Travelling that way you get in contact with others very quickly – but also not for a long time as we just stay one day or night in one city…

The Parents of Jon adviced us to go to Leucat, because the family had been there for vacation 13 years ago.
Somehow it seems there are many stones on our way, because after we succesfully passed the first hills in spain, a new problem appeared in France: the wind.

Searching for a nice place for the night, we got two germans to know, who also started there trip in Barcelona. They just wanted to reach the german border, but they’ve had two weeks less than we have. They came fron Fuerstenwalde.

Sleeping between two trees we were a bit of protected in Leucat, before we went on on Sunday morning.
This part of the trip was the most exhausting one until now, because we had to fight against the wind.
Having reached Narbonne with its beautiful town hall we searched for a park to rest for the day, but in the french cities there weren’t that many as there’ve been for example in spain before. At the end of the day, we found ourselves in Beziers, which was a well-iluminated city, that means all historic buildings shined in a very agreeable way. Although there has been a period of aridity during the june and parts of july in France, the grass in the park we picked for spending the night was very fresh – we should have known before that the whole area is flooded artificially every night, so we had a bad awakening. After having moved after the first shower and slept a bit more, it began again, because the water feeded different sectors at different times.

After that painful night we wanted to reach Montpellier on Monday. The way was nice, because we had the wind on our site and we were almost all the time towards SĂȘte near the sea. At SĂȘte, there was a break for taking a shower and swimming in the sea, also eating a bit and then moving on to Montpellier.
Before having entered the city I went into a so called „Hypermarche“. You don’t want to get in there when you just need some bread and meat. The lady in front of me spent 343 Euros.

Montpellier at first scared us, because a man menaced us somehow. He has had an instrument for injecting himself and others as he told Jon, and the Arabes would be the biggest problem in Montpellier. How to get out of such a situation? Sorry, I was so shocked, I just looked after a way to cycle away fastly. Then he also wanted to have 2 Euros. He came nearer and nearer, almost spitting into Jon’s face. Finally he let us pass. Uff. We needed a break, or at least nice people to talk with and to forget what had happened – so we asked for a park. We don’t know if there’s only one park in Montpellier, but our choice was the best we could have made.

A bunch of young people from all over the world. Billy from Bamaku (Mali) besides a couple from Liechtenstein. It’s like an hazard to find people from that country, isn’t it?
So this was the first time one could have called our evening a party, which was really nice. Does Jon have some adresses of them?

Today, we’ve been woken up by two policemen. They were really friendly and wished us good luck for going on with our trip.
Although I think we’ll need the luck, I like what is called the present and what happens all the days. We see a lot of places and we’re also right in time. Nothing broke until now and we drove 425 km so far.

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