This article was written on 24 Jul 2005, and is filled under Barcelona.

Viva Barcelona


Some days have already passed by, and of course was each day different to the others, but all in all everything seems to mix up with everything in the heat of barcelona.

On wednesday, we sat in mireia’s room, and we all made a plan for the next days, that means which sights we wanted to see and so on. therefore we decided to wake up early around 1Ooo every morning.
So our thursday started after three hours of sleep. We prepared some sandwiches and went into the city. The day has been full of walking. We went through nearly all the city making stops at the sagrada familia and the park guel, for example.

Later, Mireia had enough of it and me and Jon went on with the tour in a part of the city Jon had seen before. I cannot mention all the different sights, but I remember really a lot of nice buildings. But I also have to say, that the city is somehow everywhere the same. The same narrow streets and the same kind of houses everywhere. Moreover the whole city is a lot more compressed than for example Berlin, which results in people on the streets everywhere, and not only in the centre.

Perhaps because of the heat, the culture is also a street one. Even in Santa Coloma, which is outside of the city of Barcelona, Cafes press each other into the streets. The most amazing fact is that they are all full in the evening. It’s a pity that all the cafes have to close at 1 am during the week, which was not a problem for making the nights as long as possible. We met some friends of mireia and made a little Shisha-session in mireias room.

Surely on Friday we woke up late, that means somewhere around 3 pm.
We spent that day at a beach in Badalona. This even sounds like a place for taking a bath – don’t you think?
We’ve had nice conversations whereas yoga and the relaxing exercises mustn’t be forget. After having eat „Frankfurt“, which means some kind of roll with sausage which seems to be a mixture of Wiener and Bockwurst, we continued to the place „Diagonal“, where we wanted to take part at a free reggae-festival. Arrived, Mireia remarked that it wasn’t „Diagonal“, but „Para-lel“, where the festival was. Mathmatics are somehow always confusing the people.

The festival… I don’t remember the name, but I can see clearly all the people around me. We danced until 2 in the morning. The people here smoke a lot more than the Germans do, wherefore I take the 2004 Seeed-Concert as a reference.

Saturday was supposed to be Mireia’s free day, but again we have been woken up by her mother, because she cooked Saharian food for all of us, which was our good-bye-meal. I cannot describe that meal, but I think that not many of the people being used to german food would have eaten it, because it simply was a big bunch of different strange-looking vegetables and small rice on the plate. Tasted not as bad as it looked like, but it was to much for all of us. Ha, I got the receipe for making „Gaspacho“! (I don’t know if it’s written corectly)

Afterwards, Jon and me took the dog and went to a the „river“, where a „park“ was situated.
Even if Barcelona is green on the city map, it is not.
After the walk we wanted to drive around with our bikes, but we were really exhausted after that. The heat makes you become slow and tired. So we played some chess and had a Shisha, before we met Charlie. With him, Jon and me sat in on of those cafes to eat some tapas and drink some beer, but he wanted to prepare himself before heading on to the city, so we took the dog again and walked through Santa Coloma. These days are walking days and I don’t want to stop that.

Later, we went to the Place Catalunya, where you have to pass by everytime you go by underground.
After we had that festival, this was now the real nightlife of Barcelona if you want. Tha Black Sheep. An old-fashioned Bar with lots of space and more people in it. The evening can be summed up with lots of sangria and drinking games and a long way home.

Jon still hangs on the toilet puking.

I hope tomorrow everything will be alright with us, so we can finally start the trip.


  1. kristin
    25. Juli 2005

    good to hear that everything´s going great…
    espero que pasaste un buen tiempo en barcelona con mucho alegría,favor y conocimientos interesantes!
    Quizás quieres contactarme cuando revolverá en Berlín!

    Muchos besos!

  2. Mike
    27. Juli 2005

    heeeey! nice to hear that you fit in in the spanish way of life 😉 it was funny to read about your arrival and the confusions pit BUT what about that girl *kopfschüttel* ^^
    enjoy the trip and don’t smoke too much bitches, ya know – 1 shisha is like 20 cigarettes oO silly german science found that out, don’t care :p hf gl

    P.S.: Surely on Friday we woke up late, that means somewhere around 3 pm. – i remember good ol‘ Mallorca-Times ;p

  3. elektroNi
    29. Juli 2005

    fortunately, human voices to read…this whole thing is getting on me, i don’t know.

    let’s meet again in the beginning of september, as i hope. if i can go on until then, hehe. everything is so unsure, wow.

    it’s a lot of work to do in mind not to become small under this pressure.

    at least for me. so thank you for the good words!


  4. pitfisch
    29. Juli 2005

    Thanks for your comments.
    My spanish is not the best, but I think what Kristin wrote was supposed to encourage us to going on further and with lots of energy 😉
    Mike: That Girl… I don’t know… I said that I am so thankful for what she’s done for me, so I wanted to invite her for a Coffee, but she didn’t want to… Later I wanted her to leave the adress of that page – no reaction, because she had to get out of the Metro.
    Time is Money, thanks Again, I still have to write a lot of things…Stay tuned!?

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