This article was written on 29 Jul 2005, and is filled under Fahrradtourberichte aus..., Figueres.

The mountains call!

The second day, the first hills as we just drive towards the north. Giving it up after Lloret, turning back.
The grave baggage lets also small increases seem to be mountains of the honour category 🙁
Before we cannot go on at all, we buy a roadmap.
The second try to go on northwards collapses in a bad way. Now we drive about 10 km back, to search for a route further at the countryside.

Siesta somewhere in the No man’s land.

No more food, so we should have reached Girona before 9 pm.

Thoughts of tramping from Figueres on over the border – will it work?

Jon also thinks of driving back to barcelona by train. Damped atmosphere.

If we made it to France – somehow – then the map of the Costa Brava will have a nice place for playing darts at my wall…

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