This article was written on 21 Jul 2005, and is filled under Barcelona.

Take it easy!

A confusing start with some kind of adventure and lots of impressions of the people. I always compare, for which the public transportation seems to be made for.

The first theme to mention took place at SXF airport.
I was everyones attraction, when you want to interpret the disgusted views of the other passengers in that way…

I was the one with the big green thing. My bike was enveloped very well into a green canvas cover sized 4×3 meters. But it didn´t fit the controlling machine, and another aggregate was broke so I had to go upstairs through the whole airport to let the bike get checked on security. They thought one could have put Dynamite somewhere IN the bicycle. Safety first, but I really felt like a criminal when they said to me that I´m not allowed to carry the lock for the bike in the cabin of the plane. How ironical, that a system that should provide security could be used to damage a person.

A great easement after all the package and the bike arrived at the barcelona-airport. As I also arrived, there were just missing Jon and Mireia to meet me and guide me to the city. I haven´t recognized a known face, but I also remarked that I descended from another terminal then the tables at the airport showed to visitors. Okay, then they will probralbly wait for me at the other gate, I thought. Again, people wondered about the big green thing 😉

No Jon, also not at the other terminal.

Good, my flight landed 20 minutes earlier then expected, it´s safe to say that they will come right in time to fetch me up.
I tried to stay calm as they did´t come.
The SMS sent to Jon seemed not to have reached its destination, and the trial of a call was not succesful. After I ran through the differentt terminals of the airport again and again, I sat down outside the hall and decided to unpack my things (the bags for the bike were also enveloped into three huge garbage bags).

Later, I started to bicycle around, heading on to the city-centre of barcelona. I didn´t expect the city to be such far away from the airport, and the only roads to the city were highways. After having tried two different routes I made a break at a supermarket. But how to leave the bike and stuff without a lock?
Surprisingly, the supermarket provided chains inside to keep your things at the entrance. After having bought a lot of water and a baguette and a watermelon, I have had enough to eat for the day, because I felt that Jon and Mireia thought me to come a day later. Then I would have spent the night somewhere on the countryside in the grass and drive back to the airport tomorrow, nothing was clear. Uncertainty though a new kind of freedom.

Therefore a foreign country and language. Not many spanish people can speak english. Would it be different to come as a foreigner to germany? I don´t think so, because I usually am no stranger in my country, and I can imagine not many people in the public life are able to react to foreigners and their problems.

I didn´t have an adress and also only Jon´s phone number, which was still unreachable.

After my break I started again to drive into the city, but again a highway stopped my ambitions.
The next place in my way was a wide area full of industry. There I talked to a nice woman waiting for the bus. I asked her how to get to the centre of the city, which was obviously far away how she told me. I explained my situation but at the same time I remembered that I have a phone number of Mireia at home. So I called Paul to have a look for the number and send it to me in a short message. The young lady then called this number in spain, but noone answered the call. So she askes the busdriver if I could join the tour with my bike. After a short discussion he let me come in. The bus wasn´t full so I had no problem. But later more and more people got into the bus so I felt somehow uncomfortable…

The young woman got off the bus with me, I was lucky that she needed to go the same direction. Then she told me how to come to the centre by metro. But I complained about how to go, so she called Mireia´s home again. The mother answered. The lady catched information about the adress and stuff. I had to go by metro to the station close to the end of that line, and I was situated at one station after the beginning, so I drove through the whole city. Unfortunately you don´t see that much of a city out of the underground. The woman joined me in the metro, still her direction. We had a nice conversation, but as she got off the train I wondered that I did´t even know her name thereby she helped me so much.

There were some people in the train that touched the things of other persons in order to safe their standing positions, because the metro was heavily overcrowded. In Germany would that have been not possible, I mean imagine a stranger based on your trolly. Everything was friendly and multicultural in another manner than in berlin, because there were more black and oriental people mixed up with all kinds of europeans and even asians. I haven´t heard that variety of languages in Berlin before.

Mireia´s mother waited for me at the station, and I went to her flat with her. There she introduced me a friend and the saharian child which lives here in exchange.
Nobody spoke english. The little french of the mother combined with my poor knowledge of it (thanks to mme winkelmann!) allowed the necissities. A shower, than the people wanted to go out for a promenade. They meet each other in a park to have sandwiches usually in the summer. Again, nobody of the people there were able to speak english, but I was very impressed by the number of people just being outside. Everone was out, just sitting somewhere and talking. Also many children playing. Jon and Mireia were supposed to arrive at 10 pm, but exactly at the moment where I thought how long this would go on, the both known persons surprised me.

ups, I have to go now. That´s part of that interesting day.
With a lot of confusion in the beginning I am now part of the life here. We will stay until Sunday and leave Monday. Therefore we made a plan of the next days.
I will keep this actual on Sunday. Hasta luego!

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  1. Anne
    2. August 2005

    Hey ihr 2,
    ich wünsche euch ganz ganz viel Kraft, Spass, Durchhaltevermögen und wenigstens ab und zu eine Dusche und was feines zu essen! Haltet durch, ihr schafft das!

    Ich denk an euch und bin bei euch, anne

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