This article was written on 22 Aug 2005, and is filled under Fahrradtourberichte aus..., Paris.

Ly, Maç, Chal, Dij, Chatill – the tour went „ON“

Unfortunately I have to cut a long story short, because we’re about to leave now, Jérémie just wants to take a last shower, I already had mine, hehe.
I don’t know for sure how far this shower will bring me 😉

Finally Lyon Part II

That beatiful day… went on and on. Just after having written that my mobile’s wrack, I got it repaired by surprise, because most of the shops with acces to the internet there are telephone and mobile cracking shops at the same time. Of course I don’t regret to have bought a french cell phone two years ago so it was cheap.

I also have to speak about Razmi, who I got to know while eating a pizza. He invited me for a shisha later, in the arabic part of the city one must say that we really talked about „God and the world“.

After a misunderstanding between Jon and me concerning our meeting in the city, I went back to the hostel to write.
Jon came, we shared our day’s experiences, which included a nice place for having a shisha, so the plan for the evening has been made.
Nearly by accident we got in contact with two nice ladies from Graz, huh.
Without having imagined something like this before, we went to the tee house with all in all ‚4 girls and just us two fellows.
(Please remember that this was extraordinary since we haven’t have that much contact to girls in the last weeks 😉 )

What do I have to say? I spent the rest of the night sitting outside the hostel with Eva, talking and talking, finally going to bed at six because it was too cold. Is it possible to get someone to know in just one night?
I thought many times about it during the next days on the bike…

We said goodbye to Lyon and found ourselves in our common uncertainty again, yeah.

The time flew by reaching Paris, having a look at the statistics you see the locations we have been to, nothing more to say about it, except two things:

At first the fishing guys in Chalon, who spent the evening with us sharing beer and gave me some things for my wish to eat an own-fished „poisson“ 🙂

Secondly the source of the river Seine and the weekend of sleeping, because it rained for the first time. Jon calls it meditation now, I don’t know.
Now, right in time when we want to gon on, leaving Paris, the sun comes out again.

Somehow there are things going on around us and influencing us, which we are not able to explain yet.
Some lucky coincedences one could say. But that is how life goes I guess. You just have to pay attention to the small things 🙂

Paris guided by Jérémie, I cannot describe how thankful I am for what has happened!


  1. Anja
    25. August 2005

    Alex, your August-letter arrived in Munich,
    Danilo already read it, unfortunatelly I´ll only be able
    to read it next week, when Danilo and I meet in Dresden.
    my „Praktikum“ started this week, work with Renate in „Schülerbootshaus“ is fun and I have real human hours
    to work 😉
    Put my laptop on your desk and Chrischen is writing „bless you“ via icq when I sneeze next to his room 🙂
    Tuesday we wnt to Daniel Hausdörfers wedding and did the „chair-dance“ Christoph and Jenny (Falks girlfriend)
    were the last 2, but you and Sabine did a far better

    so far so good, take care!

  2. pitfisch
    26. August 2005

    Thanks for the pictures AND the SMS 😉
    Hope you had fun at the wedding and I also hope You’ll like the letter 🙂

    So your work started… What’s with Wolfgang – is he not there anymore?
    If he is… Please ask him if he still asks little boys to come to his room and make themselves naked for him.

    And – of course, please take a picture of his face after having questioned that!

    Thanks for everything and see you soon!

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