This article was written on 26 Aug 2005, and is filled under Fahrradtourberichte aus..., Lille.

Lille – no time to rest

Hi folks!

We tried to leave Paris, but okay, one last Shisha would not slow us down…

Then we tried again, but this city is huger than imagined. Fortunately the whole area was lightened so we could go on riding although it was already totally dark.
Sleeping under a tent outside of a gardenmarket.

Tuesday. Rain. We spent eight hours in a forest before we finally departured again. Later, we almost reached Beauvais, where we asked to sleep on a ground again. The owner was a bit drunk, but friendly as he could be.

Wednesday. Woken up by the proprietor (at that time he has not been drunk anymore 😉 ) and the fruits he gave us. Then he brought some fishing equipment and finally… with not having thought of it, there was my chance!

I trapped eleven little red fishes and a bigger one.

Amiens was the destination for that day, wherefore Jon wanted to use the departmental route, me preferred the national one, so we splitted up for the first time. Cute that he even drawed me a copy of the only map we have 😉

Having arrived in Amiens a young lady showed us the biggest parc, and we also met a guy who lives near to Brussels and offered us his help when we’re there 🙂
As it started to rain we decided to first visit a teahouse and again to have a shisha… or two. There we found a large variety of flavours for the tea and wondered about all the tea being bought in germany – the owner told us.

Then it was my time again, although it took me until four o’clock in the morning, I ate a self-trapped fish.

Yesterday going on nearly to Arras, sleeping on a gipsy ground. They even spoke some kind of not understandable french 😀

The weather has changed since we left Paris, the chance of rain is always there. Funnily enough that it rained through the nights but not during the day, hehe.

Today here we are. Lille is beautiful, it’s a pity that we don’t have time for it, because we have one week left for arriving in Amsterdam. We’ll see… I am confident with our goals and I think we’ll reach them, but at first there is Brussels waiting for us!


  1. Anja
    1. September 2005

    dind´t see Wolfgang around, he is working in the „Geschäftsstelle“ which is not in GrĂźnau.
    But I´m not going to ask him THAT, we´ll talk about that later…
    think you arrive in Amsterdam tomorrow, at least you
    planned, but since Paul didn´t want to go there, I did not bake any muffins and you´ll have to wait till you get here
    hope you get some nice weather again 😉
    see you soon

  2. Anja
    4. September 2005

    Alex I read your letter yesterday, thank you very much, I enjoyed reading it!
    Danilo and I spent the weekend in Dresden with Nancy and
    Uwe, Nancy asked about your journey and we told her.
    We laughed a lot together 😉
    When do you plan to arrive here in Berlin?
    hope to see you soon, and don´t smoke too much Shishas in Amsterdam!(he he)

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