This article was written on 20 Aug 2005, and is filled under Fahrradtourberichte aus..., Paris.

les cataphiles.

wow. where have we been? down in the catacombes of paris? i still cannot believe.

first, we went out to have another shisha and afterwards the „hittchicker’s guide to the galaxy“. uff, senseless but lovely. how i like to think and feel, especially in these days.

and then, we went back to jeremie’s flat at the supposed time. preperation for our night tour: a glass of whiskey for everyone to become a bit more calm, a talk about what we’re going to see and how it would be like and then, we started.
after some complications with jeremie’s bike lock, we started our ride through the night of paris, on a day with a full moon. great! and he had to search the way to the entrance.

once there, we locked our bikes, went over a wall and then down to an abandoned railway, right inside of a tunnel that was dark and darker…about one km walking and our guide stopped. here it is, he said, and pointed to a small hole on the floor in a wall. okay, this is it.
we took a small rest and then went on, down to the catacombes. inside, it was dusty and, of course, dark. and we went on, me between jeremie and alex, because i had no light. and, similar to our trip, going on and on. hundreds of meters in a labyrinth of a total of 280 km!

go left, go right, go straight, crawl around a corner, crawl through another hole, suddenly a room. and arts! what kind of arts! wow. and more to come. the water raised and it was almost as deep as my legs. i had luck i would say…hehe. but not sort of this. it was really clear ground water, but cold. and the dirt in the tunnels, just dust, nothing else.

and finally, we reached a room where there were pictures on the wall, nice pictures! a forest of mushrooms, a „table“ and things to sit around, arranged of rocks. amazing ambience to eat bread and sausage, drink beer and wine and just relaxe while talking. alex almost felt asleep and we woke him up several times. you should have seen his eyes rolling back in his head, hehe…

but after walking another 45 mins we have been out on the streets again and could go back by bike while appreciating paris at night.

and what a night. thank you for all, jeremie.


At last, here you have two new links to the pictures I already uploaded. Unfortunately, I cannot access my pictures on the camera with this computer. Sorry.
folder 1 and folder 2.
Once you click on them, you have to click on the button that says „GMX MediaCenter starten“. Then you see the thumbnails of the files. You can download them, watch them, or make a diashow via the „Bild“ menu. Try it!

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  1. Anja
    22. August 2005

    sounds kind of scary to me but I guess you were lucky to meet this Jeremie.
    as you can imagine with a total score of 8-0 we were able to watch a terrific football match yesterday – 14.020 fans – great atmosphere! Winne drank some beer, of course and after the terrific victory he and „Onkel Detlef“ smoked their „fat ladies“ 😉
    in a pub called KajĂźte there was served more beer – I drove back after all.
    we met a girl from your graduation class named Jana or Diana and should say Hi from her.
    hope to be able to upload some pictures for you later.
    think you go on with your trip today – take care!

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