This article was written on 26 Jun 2005, and is filled under Berlin.

In general

It’s me, Alex. Some people know me, the majority doesn’t know me.
Insignificance though I am a part of the whole thing called life.
What is life supposed to demand from me, which goals and aims have I to reach?
At first I feel the responsability of helping others. But before I dedicate my energy to this subject,
I want to spread my horizon in every possible direction.
I think our time given to us is too short to see everything, but we can try to fetch the most information and impressions we can get.
That is one of the reasons which brought us to the Metropolis-Youth-Congress.
There we’ve had the chance to have a look into the experiences of people from all over the world.
Can you understand that the wish to step further into foreign countries, to go deeper in it, not as a tourist, but as a human being just wishing to share his feelings and stories with others has been growing constantly since the congress?
Jon and me have succesfully graduated and the whole summer is knocking at the door. We want to take the chance and live the summer – across Europe.
Take part and enjoy the trip.


  1. siria
    1. August 2005

    hey alex and jon,
    i was just checking my spam folder and there, without any expection of reading of you once more, i saw your mail.
    as i read it, i was not so sure anymore wether i was really surprised of beeing contacted by you both.
    of course, you’re both so extroverted, that you couln’t make such a trip without letting everybody in your mail-adress-list know, what a special life you’re living.
    but what can i say? i know, that my point of view doesn’t concern you at all and i also know, that i’ll see you never again.
    i’m leaving berlin and will go my way into the world and will expierience life as well.


  2. Enrico
    15. August 2005

    Hi Alex (and Jon),
    Winfried has sent me the link to your very interesting travel-report. I read much but not everything. However it´s enough to know that I would enjoy a bike trip arround Berlin but not one like your`s. I hope this trip will enable you to sort out things is your life like goals, aims, etc. Mainly your mind has been broaden by so much and different impressions.
    We looking forward to the „Drachenbootrennen“ 2005 next weekend. I remember you had your shiha last year with you, enjoy it during your trip if you can.
    Wish you and your partner a healthy arrival some day. Enrico

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