This article was written on 25 Jul 2005, and is filled under Barcelona, Fahrradtourberichte aus....


I don’t know, what these words mean, but I’m glad to know them.

Maybe they mean nothing, like our trip. Or all.

The last hours ahead. Things are almost packed. Only some questions left. And maybe things? I don’t know, I miss some but it’s okay. They will be here, if I come another time. Or small enough to send me, I don’t know.

My feet will stop carrying me over this floors and I change my vehicle to the bike. No writing flow right now. Am I out of time?

Five to six weeks are left, nothing is clear what will happen. We have an image of our route, but… I don’t know.
Some hours ago I wrote a lot of E-Mails and had things to tell – now I’m empty. Emptyness because of the awareness that I will leave? There are almost no words for what I feel or think.

So I give you some information:
On the right side you see a category „Pages“ where you have a brief introduction and general things. If you want to read everything on this site, try these, too.

Later, when I’m finished with uploading the pictures and bringing them into an order, I will publish the addresses here so you all can enjoy.

See you soon. Next time with more words prepared before.


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