This article was written on 29 Jul 2005, and is filled under Fahrradtourberichte aus..., Figueres.

Girona, Figueres, the big question following

We made it to Girona, where we slept in a public park. Again under the starry sky. On thursday, we reached Figueres, a city, where Salvador Dali acted. The Museum is too expensive, but we have a Paella, before we leave the country.
Sleeping on a camping ground, some kind of luxury 😉

We don’t know if we pass the border today, if someone will pick us up, if we push the bikes over the mountains.

Something has to happen, and we’re willing to keep this up. Amsterdam is still calling, also Marseille, Lyon, Paris and Bruxelles do.

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  1. MĂźscha
    30. Juli 2005

    hey guys ..
    one day in the last week – after a hard day in the service of our homecountry – i switched on my handy and *bang* a sms from you – telling me that you have started your journey to barcelona and back going by bike 😮 .. now finally @home i am able to check out your first few imprssions & pictures and i must say „wow – really cool – many nice pictures (shisha *g*, cool people & places, kid in the plane, countryside)“
    i hope you two keep us up to date .. i am looking forward to read next weekend what you have experienced .. be careful out there .. so far

    keep going (biking) 🙂 !!

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