This article was written on 29 Jul 2005, and is filled under Fahrradtourberichte aus..., Figueres.

Fighting against yourself.

Four days have already passed, four days of pain and ourselves.

How should I try to explain?

We started in Sta Coloma, of course, but as we had our first break, I cried. I couldn’t leave, I wanted to go back, so we went close to the sea and had a break in a small park in Mataro.

Sitting there, rolling a joint, Adam from Marseille came to us and had some fun. So we have a first target and now also a reason to go to Marseille. What a luck in the first hours!

And later, our way to Calella. Up the hills, down the hills, up, down, up, down. Wow, in these moments I found out that I haven’t thought about the fact that I will have to use my body before. This scared me. What else would come that I just didn’t think about?
But our camp somewhere between a tomato plantain was nice. We had a long-lasting firework over Balmes. Even bigger than Treptow in flames. And longer.

Next morning we got up really early so no farmer could „awake“ us and we went to Lloret de mar. What a fucking way. And then, we couldn’t get out of the city to go on with our planned way. So the whole morning was misused and then we had the worst siesta ever. I’m sure.
Hot as hell close to a gas station right in the nowwhere between some mountains. My mind was going crazy. I wanted to return, I wanted to leave Alex alone, I wanted to use the train, I wanted to do something, but not stay there.
But fortunately, as the sun went down, we found a way to Girona and could also steal some real Catalan apples and buy some things for dinner. Later in a park we relaxed from the day, ate a bit, swum in the artificial lake and then went on for finding a place to sleep. This time a dark corner in a park close to the river in a town called Pont Major next to Girona.

On Thursday we got up a bit late so we had to go during the heat. Wow, but it was easier than the day before. It was okay for me. Some tuning on my bike in Lloret did its work.
So we arrived here to Figueres, went to the Camping Site, built up our tent and left without any heavy baggage. This feeling was unbelievable. I couldn’t control my bike anymore. It was too light 😉 .

Walking around, looking for a place to eat, buying things for the night, sitting in a park and in another, so it was nothing special, but „urban living“ again, what I really missed. Another thing I found out about myself:
I’m not that nature guy I always thought I was.

So after the rest of urban living today here in this internet, we will try to find a way to France. Somehow. (The word I like the most these days. Somehow.)

So now, for giving you something to look at, visit for

    the first batch of pictures from the first week in Barcelona

  2. the second batch of pictures from Queralbs and Alex in Barcelona


Both links will be valid until August, the 28th. If you transfer too much pictures, my traffic limit will be reached, so maybe you burn CDs and share them between yourselves. (But I can make new links, but have now possibilities about the traffic limit)

So see you later, my friends.


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