This article was written on 29 Jul 2005, and is filled under Barcelona, Fahrradtourberichte aus....


Sunday evening was downright calm, the last time sitting with Charlie and Mireia at the Bombay’s, drinking Beck’s Beer.
Then it again went on until 6 am, if there haven’t been the cleaning lady, we probrably would have slept forever. At least me was awake, so I went around the corner with the dog and discovered three supermarkets, which was a bit surprising, because when we searched one, we didn’t find anything. I’ve already tasted the Döner on the way before, the man was the calmness himself. But the meat was CMA-approved.

In fact, I also wanted to buy the ingredients for our good-bye-meal and some food for the trip, but also in Barcelona the entrance to the supermarket is refused to dogs – why?

Our meal was supposed to be cooked at about 3 pm, which was a problem, because the metro stood still for about 20 minutes and so we’ve been late with the preparation. It all was some kind of desastrous, because Jon and me wanted to cook a „real german meal“, but we didn’t know a dish except roast or sauerkraut – or even stew (Eintopf). So we decided to make „Kartoffelpuffer“, which was great. There was simply noone of us who had done this before 😉

I even found apple sauce in the supermarket, so we had no problems, and the meal went down well, everybody liked it. Thanks Mutti for the receipt 🙂

The packing proceeded sluggish, and soon we knew that it wouldn’t be worth it starting the trip on Monday. So Mireia took us to her girlfriend Mabel, who just moved into a huge three-floor-house two weeks ago. When there is electricity from the streets as a start, these occupiers watch DVDs via a beamer. Water is enough at public fountains, meals are cooked with gas out of a bottle. If the house wasn’t that clean and there’ve been dogs all around, the rice was fabulous. We spent all night there being almost all the time awake, before we finally hit the road at 9 am.

Good Bye Barcelona!

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