This article was written on 04 Jul 2005, and is filled under Barcelona.

Did you realize that noone can see inside of you?

So, what´s up with reality? Now I´m here and it´s really me who has been here since five days and still has so much to see.

At first, it was Sta Coloma around and later, the days merged into something for themselves. I don´t know for sure, yet, but it´s something special that surrounds me, at least for me.

One has to imagine:
You come to a city that far away and already have some connections which grow very fast in the next days.

And the language thing:
In the first two days, there have been six languages around this appartement, that were English, German, French, Spanish, Catalan and Hassani (I´m not sure if it´s written correctly.).

Uff…no thoughts anymore, I don´t know why.

See you all later!


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